Corporate Overview

BSSB is a British owned and run, Malaysian based volume manufacturer of leather and fabric beds and dining chairs that supplies some of the leading brands within focused markets for retail and contract furniture today. BSSB was established in 1999 in Malaysia to fulfill demand requirements for well designed British manufacture with a lower cost center and volume capacity. From this initial concept BSSB developed into a specialist manufacturer of upholstered beds and dining chairs to supply the UK retail and contract market. In 2002-2006 BSSB expanded into the Spanish, South African and Taiwanese markets. In 2008-2010 BSSB has and continues to establish expansion into other key market bases such as Australia, USA and Japan along with other parts of Europe and Asia.

Company Goals

BSSB has built up a solid reputation for quality furniture manufacture and has supplied most of its customers for years with value and successfully developed designs. These designs have lead to no.1 retailer, manufacturer and wholesaler shop floor profit returns and these successes have then been maintained through our commitment to relationship building, customer and market understanding. Our aim at BSSB is to continue this legacy and continue to produce high quality products, tailored to our customer needs at affordable prices, creating what we hope to be the perfect formula for a winning team. We look forward to you becoming a part of this goal.